Alta Store FKA ID Pop Up was founded in 2021 by 5 independent designers; SBA, Matilda Little, This Belongs To, Timna Weber and Elif. After many months in lockdown and sick of existing in the digital world, we wished to sell our designs in real life. 
We wanted to ID Pop Up to be a space and community for small, emerging designers to help their brands grow by having a space to connect with other creatives and sell their designs. After the success of the pop ups and creating great relationships with other independent brands, we rebranded to open our new semi-permanent store. Circling back to the place where we had our very first pop up; on Great Windmill Street in SOHO.
Our new store derives from the concept of wanting to create a continuously 'alternating' space, thus ALTA STORE is born. Every month we announce a ‘line up’, introducing new designers to the store from all over the world.