An Interview With HORTI

The kind of people that inspire you...
All the creative Shepard’s of the many sheep out there. 
Men who understand their feminine energy and aren't afraid to be spiritual and compassionate. 
Which cartoon character would be your brand's mascot?
Lumiere, Beauty & The Beast. 



What is a theory you disagree with?
Your dream collaborator; dead or alive...
Judy blame
How does it feel when you see someone wearing your work?
Excited to work harder 
What emotion are you trying to provoke in your work?
Rosy & confident
What main character would be the face of your brand?
Giulietta Boldrini in Juliet of the Spirits, by Federico Fellini.
What are you listening to right now?
The The, ‘This is the day’ 1983
A philosophy you live by...
We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.
What would you do or be in another life?
I would be a florist on my floriculture farm which would hold an animal sanctuary

What is the story behind what you make?
 Horticulture is frequently an element of reference within my work. 
 Within my design, I hold an archive of clothes I have collected over years as well as my mothers. Many of the vintage garments are oversized but I enjoy manipulating them to be able to fit my form or change their design. I do this though pinning it up, tucking it in or twisting its fabric in to a new drape. I always finish the alteration with a floral brooch to cover up any mess. This lead me on to the idea of refining an accessory that can be multi-functional styling piece to complete an individuals outfit.
 I realised there were many rose like accessories out there with painted petals and ruched fabric. I wanted to create an article that is completely unique. This is where the neck tie comes in. I rolled out my first rose pattern and the end shape opened out like a tie blade, this lead me to start pinning my father’s silk ties into floral shapes. I brought a box of 100 vintage ties on eBay and began the development. With the ties structure, its shape narrowing and two ends of the tie forming a leaf-like point, it was very fitting.  
 Of course the flower had to be a rose to begin the first collection. A rose stands so proudly as it blossoms all the way from the start to finish changing form and colour in richness. This cycle has always been so beautiful to me. Additionally, being born and raised in England, the rose is a national symbol of England which is very emblematic.